The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Leather Bag in 2019

Are you looking to buy the best leather bag for you, but confused which one to buy? As there are a variety of bags available in the marketplace which obviously can confuse you if you have no knowledge about them. No need to worry, this ultimate guide to choosing the best leather bag in 2019 is written for you to understand various aspects involved in that. We will understand the following things which help you in making your final decision:


  1. How to Select the Best Leather Bags for men?
  2. What are the types of leather bags?
  3. What are our top five recommendations of best leather bags?


1. How to Select the Best Leather Bag for men?


There are various parameters based on that we can know if the bag is best for us or not. If you buy the leather bags keeping all the below-mentioned parameters in your mind you will end up buying the best bag for you. So, let’s begin.


  • Kind of Leather Used


The most important thing you need to consider is the leather through which your leather bag is made up of. As you are looking to buy the best leather bag for men in the industry it’s important that the bag is made up of quality material or leather. Now let us understand the leather which is best for you to buy and the leather which you need to avoid.


Without any single doubt, you can select the bag made up from top/ full grain leather. This type of leather will look even more awesome after years and years of use. They made a magnetic patina which gives an amazing look to it.


The other type of leather is bonded leather, you need to keep a distance from this kind of leather. You can also find them inexpensive but if you buy them you will lose your money in the longer run.


  • Tanning Process


Firstly, we need to understand about the tanning process. The tanning process is nothing but the treatment of animal skin to produce leather. So, the kind of tanning process which is used to produce a particular leather plays an important role here. As this is the core process of the manufacturing of leather bag. Basically, there are two types of tanning processes:


  • Chrome Tanning
  • Vegetable Tanning


Chrome Tanning is done with the chromium and other insensitive chemicals. It takes only a couple of days to get complete. That’s why the leather bag manufactured through this process are quite cheap in comparison to the vegetable tanning process, but the bags made through chrome tanning process have captured 90% of the market in the present scenario.


In the vegetable tanning process, vegetable refers to the ‘natural’ so natural materials like tree bark are used in the process. It is a completely eco-friendly process, but it takes a huge time to get complete. They are quite expensive but make quality products and we should give more priority to them.


  • Hardware


The little parts used in the bag, you can check their quality as well. The parts are buckles, handles, metallic rings, shoulder straps, zippers, locks or any other little part of the bag.


  • Color of Best Leather Bag For Men


If you are looking to buy a bag for a professional environment, then black and dark brown. It is good to choose lighter colors for a relaxed work atmosphere like light brown and tan.


  • Country of Origin & Manufacturing


Most of the times, the country of origin defines the quality of the bag. Here are some countries which consistently made high-quality leather: France, Italy, England, and the US. These countries also have a good track record of tanning as well.


  • Price


As we are looking for a high-quality leather bag, so of course they would be expensive, but this price you will pay once will give high returns to you in all aspects whether quality, look, design, durability, etc. So, never hesitate to buy an expensive bag, if you really want to buy a quality one.


  • Your Style


Yes, your own style. The design which suits you the best. You might want to put different accessories in the bag, so if the bag has enough space and separate compartments to fit your accessories or not. You need to evaluate your needs with the bag’s design.


  • Handwork


You need to check all the work done on the bag like the threads, stitches should be done by skilled professionals. The threads, stitches or any other work need a deeper look.


2. What are the types of leather bags?


Here you will find all the types of leather bags or leather side bags for men which are quite popular and that will help you decide which one you actually looking for as per your usage.


  • Athletic Bag


This bag is generally used to keep sports equipment or gym accessories.


  • Backpack


This type of bags are slightly larger than your handbags and have double support for your shoulders. Backpacks can be used for casual activities or traveling purposes.


  • Briefcase


Briefcases are the ideal choice of businesspersons and professionals.


  • Laptop Bag


As the name suggests, the bag is used to carry the laptop with having separate compartments for other accessories like charger, mouse, etc.


  • Messenger Bag


There is one long strap which needs to be worn across the body and rests the back across the back. You can find a variety of leather messenger bags in the market for your individual use. This is one of the best options for leather side bags for men.


  • Satchel Bag


They have double handles with locks and a wide flat bottom. Satchel Bags are the ideal choice for offices.


  • Sling Bag


It is similar to the messenger bag but is smaller in size than that one.


3. What are our top five recommendations of best leather bags?


1 Cuero Bag’s Rustic Vintage Leather Messenger Bag


Rustic Vintage Leather Messenger Bag is the best choice for your office, college or any other use.


Size: Height 16x Length 12x 5 Width 5 in inches

Color: Brown

Material: Genuine Leather (Goat Hide)



2 Hidesign Men’s Sling Bag (Brown)


Size: 20 cm height x 25.5 cm length x 6 cm width

Color: Brown

Material: leather

You will also get one year warranty in case there are manufacturing effects.


3 Vintage Leather Briefcase Shoulder Messenger Bag


This bag is multifunctional can be used for school or work to hold a laptop or any other accessories. You will find the design quite stylish in this bag and this bag is really perfect if you want to gift it to your spouse, friend, colleague, etc.

Size: 36cm height x 28cm length x 10cm width   

Color: Brown, Black, Dark Coffee

Material: Leather


4 Rustic Town 15-inch Vintage Crossbody Laptop Messenger Bag


You can easily organize your accessories in this bag. Also, this bag is best whether you are looking for a professional or casual environment.

Size: Height 11″, Length 15″, Width 4″, inches

Color: Brown & Dark Brown

Material: Buffalo Leather


5 Polare Men’s Shoulder Messenger Bag


You can easily carry this bag in multiple ways. You can use as a briefcase, laptop bag or messenger bag.

Size: Height 12.6 x Length 16 x Width 8 in inches

Color: Brown

Material: Full Grain Leather



We have understood how to select your best leather bag, the types of a leather bags and our best recommendations for you. We hope this article will help you in making your final move.


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