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Leather Bags for Men & Women

CueroBags brings genuine leather laptop bags for men as well as women. Leather laptop bag not only is able to hold weight due to its durability but also looks extremely fashionable. Leather laptop bag has been a contemporary accessory in the world of computers. Our leather laptop bags are super safe due to its resistance which comes due to our craftsmanship. The finishing of our products is incomparable and the availability of different sizes is just going to be an additional benefit for the customer. Buy laptop bags for women and men here.

Buy Leather Bags for Men & Women

From coin bags to trolleys, since the late 19th century, leather bags have been in high demand. As the high-end fashion houses use leather in their luggage lines, leather bags have made an identity of high quality and elegant products in the world. Because of the durable nature of leather and flamboyance of leather bags, we produce bags in pure leather so that with going time, they ‘age better.’ The possibility of our leather bags to get scraped and torn is almost impossible. Unlike the usual plastic and fabric made bags, leather bags are going to last with the same polish for years. And with correct care of the bags, and ruin can be corrected.  Leather bags are also known for their flexible nature. A leather laptop bag or a leather duffle bag will be able to accommodate your items in it with great ease and convenience.

A Cuero leather Bag will be a great deal for you as our products are made of high quality genuine pure leather and a very reasonable price in comparison. We present to you our range of leather bags for men and women which are made of 100% genuine leather. Have a look.


Overview/Introduction of All Kind of Leather Bags


Find the most suitable sizes of leather bags online at our store. We have something for all age groups and genders at great quality and price. Also, the availability of different sizes and patterns will provide a lot of convenience and comfort.

Best Leather Bags for Men:

Cuero Messenger Bags:

  • Cuero 13 inches vintage handmade leather messenger bag for laptop or any other daily purpose.
  • Cuero 14 inches leather laptop messenger bag for men.
  • Cuero 15 inches vintage leather laptop messenger bag for men.
  • Cuero 16 inches rustic vintage leather messenger bag
  • Cuero 18 inches genuine leather laptop briefcase messenger bag with front and side pockets.
  • Cuero 18 inch leather messenger bag – has three compartments.

Cuero Briefcases and Leather Office Bags for Men:

  • Cuero 15 inches retro buffalo hunter leather office briefcase.

Cuero Duffel Bags for Men:

  • Cuero 21 inches sports gym duffel bag for men
  • Cuero 24 inches genuine leather duffel | travel overnight weekend leather bag |

Cuero Backpacks for Men:

  • Cuero Backpacks for men’s’ and women’s’ laptop or MacBook.

Cuero Satchels for men:

  • Cuero 16 inches leather satchel for men

Cuero Women Leather Bags

Cuero Messenger Bags for Women:

  • Cuero 15 inches retro buffalo hunter leather messenger bag usable for office and college purpose
  • Cuero 18 inches retro buffalo hunter leather messenger bag usable for office and college purpose for women

Cuero Duffel Bags for Women:

  • Cuero 21 inches women’s retro style, carryon luggage, leather duffel bag

Cuero Backpacks for Women:

  • Cuero 0 inches genuine leather retro rucksack backpack usable as college bag and school picnic bag travel. 14-inch laptops can easily fit in it too.
  • Cuero 20 X 8 inches leather backpack. It can also be used by kids or girls.

Cuero Crossbody Bags for Women:

  • Cuero 11 inches leather gypsy Crossbody bag for women.

Cuero Briefcase for Women:

  • Cuero 8 inches retro leather office briefcase.
  • Cuero 21 inches women’s retro style leather duffel bag with flap.

Cuero Satchel for Women:

  • Cuero 12 inches leather purse
  • Cuero 16 inches leather satchel (usable for both men and women)
  • Cuero 18 inch vintage handmade leather satchel bag.

What are Leather Bags used for?

History has told us that leather has been getting used since ages as a material to make a lot of goods and articles. But the resistance and durability of leather has been used most extensively to make bags.  Leather bags hold everyday items as well as are also ideal to be used for long trips.  Bags of genuine leather are tough, last for decades and also their look only improves with going time.

This is how a purchase of a leather bag can be fit for the following-

Traveling:  A backpack is hung on the back with its double handles. Leather backpacks can easily hold loads and do not leave in times of crises during tours and trips. It’s perfect for bikers and hikers.

Everyday Purposes: Messenger Bags are rectangular in shape. These bags can be carried at school, college or even offices on casual days. They can really hold your little items like sunglasses, cell phones, documents, books, etc. in an intact manner. They also give a boho look and go with all attires. Women’s leather duffle bag also fulfills the same purpose for females as they mostly need to carry a big bag on days of shopping.

Gymming or Sports: Duffel Bags are cylindrical in shape. They can easily carry large weight and hence are supreme to be carried at sports ground and gymnasiums. Especially when conditions are tough and rough, men’s vintage leather duffle bag comes as a savior.

Official Use or Formal Settings: Leather laptop bags have different compartments for laptop and its accessories. They can be used by people who need to carry their computers at work or college. They also are substantial enough to bear the weight of the heavy devices. Cuero Bags has an extensive collection of men’s leather bags for work. You can find these here.

How do Laptop Leather Bags add to your Styling and Appearance?

The main reason why more and more people in corporate show up with leather laptop bags is that because they never go out of style. With luxury, poise, and neatness, they also bring great benefit and convenience. No matter what you are planning to wear at your work, the leather laptop bag is surely going to not only just go with your outfit, but also will annex more sophistication to it.

Leather Bags by Cuerobags

Our zippers are closures are very strong as well as comfortable to use.  The straps of Cuerobags are sewed with a strong thread which is going to keep the bag as it is for years. The leather we use won’t get saggy or soft with time as is going to stay flawless.
Our products are made of 100% genuine leather which is thick enough to endure any circumstance, weight or time.
The thread we use a very strong industrial grade polyester thread which won’t fall apart with contact with the sun.
Any pattern of the bag at Cuero bags is made with the main motive of providing relief on the shoulders of the user. Our bags are very easy, convenient and comfortable to carry.

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