Are your leather products genuine?
100%. Before we opened this e-store, we were disappointed with the number of fake products being sold to customers and the ridiculously priced leather goods, which neither reflected the craftsmanship nor the quality. Hence at Leatheq, we make sure all our leather goods are made with selected full-grain, the first layer or top-grain genuine cow leather, we never make bags with second layer leather, fake leather or any other poor quality leather. 

Are your bags eco-friendly?

Yes, our bags are totally eco-friendly and also crafted from the means of ‘Vegetable Tanning’. This type of tanning is a single that could be nearly all traditional as well as gives natural leather its exclusive natural features, without the use of chemicals!

It relates to the usage of ‘Tannin’ - an astringent, bitter plant mixture that binds proteins in conceal (animalskin) and also coats them. The method causes the disguise to be a little more versatile. This also brings about these to turn out to be much less water-soluble and more resistant to bacterial assault.

Benefits of Vegetable Tanned leather items:

  1. Vegetable tanning is environment-friendly and the items created using all of them are completely recyclable.
  2. Given that vegetable tanning is a conventional method, the majority of tanneries (office exactly where skins and also hides are tanned) possess tradesmen which are extremely experienced for creating and also dyeing the leather-based.
  3. Shades that vegetable-tanned items generate are wealthy and appear natural.



My bag's color and shade seem a little different from the pictures you have up here.

That's because each leather hide comes from a different animal and it's only natural for them to have some unique shade or tint. Remember we are talking real 100% genuine leather here? No fake stuff. On the better side, each product has its unique look and feel.

I see some scratches on my bag.

That's a sign of top-grade leather, mostly full-grain leather. From healed scrapes where the animal possibly brushed against a wired fence, to insect bites or thicker surface areas and neck wrinkles, or even vein marks. Well we all have them, right? These slight irregularities are embraced and incorporated into our products to showcase each product's natural individuality and their handcrafted nature. Cows roam freely in their natural habitat and it's only common that their hides carry the marks of their life story. These scratches are a proof that you are getting the first layer genuine cow leather.  

Is it safe to put my credit card number into this website?
We don’t store any of your credit card information (that’s handled by our payment processor, Stripe, the best and one of the most secure in the business). We never had a single incident of online fraud so far and we will never share your personal information with anyone else.

Which credit cards you accept?
We accept all four regular credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

You accept Paypal payments?

Which currency these prices are in?
United State Dollars i.e. USD.