Tips: How you Find the Ideal Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

That you better not put your laptop in the first bag if it is dear to you is not rocket science. A little bit of research work, especially if you go back to school, college or work after the holidays, does not hurt at all. How do you find the leather laptop messenger bag that best suits you and your laptop? We help you on your way!


Tip 1: Always check the number of inches


First things first:  you have to know what kind of meat you have in the cockpit. Is your laptop screen actually 13 inch, 14 inch15 inch or 18 inch ? You do not want that you have to cram him in vain in a too small laptop compartment, or that he slides back and forth in a too big and yet damaged. The size of your laptop is therefore always decisive for the bag you choose!


Tip 2: First select the type of bag you want


Important choice. You have a special leather laptop messenger bag and bags with a laptop. The first category is the most popular because those bags are meant for laptops. But a backpack or even a shopper with a laptop compartment, for example, can also be very good and may suit your personal style better.


Tip 3: Think of the wearing options


With a backpack, the options may not be so extensive, but with other bags, it is useful to know how to carry the bag. Is there, for example, a shoulder strap for on the bike, or maybe you can also wear it as a handbag?


Tip 4: Consider what should be included


Your laptop is usually not the only thing you want to transport. A charger and a mouse might come with you, and when you go to school, a notebook, pencil case, and packed lunch usually come in handy. Then it is as convenient as that all fit into it. Or choose a super-compact model if you use it purely for your laptop: save money!


Tip 5: Choose a timeless model


Just like your laptop, your laptop bag preferably lasts for a while. But that also means that you have to look at it for a long time. So if you opt for a timeless and classic model in your search, you do not have to worry about getting bored quickly. The classic leather laptop messenger bag is not so popular for nothing!


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A frequently asked question and also a known problem among many is: how can I best keep my bag and with which products can I do that best? When you finally find your perfect laptop leather bag, you want to keep this jewel as beautiful as possible for as long as possible and protect it against all the dirt on which the bag is exposed. The maintenance of the bag is perhaps not the most fun to do, but very important.




The leather is a beautiful and sustainable product. You can also enjoy a leather bag for a long time because the leather itself only becomes more beautiful and smoother. Each leather bag has its own “wrinkles” and is therefore unique and becomes more beautiful as you use the bag longer. But leather is and remains a natural product and the final finish of the leather determines how intensively you have to maintain the leather bag. If you are dealing with a bag whose leather type is closest to the natural skin, then this leather bag is more vulnerable. This type of leather has an open structure and is, therefore, more sensitive to moisture and dirt.


One thing is certain, it is important to keep your leather bag well to keep it as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. But of course, we already knew that! The question is: How can you do that best? Below we have listed a number of tips on how to best maintain your leather bag.




1. Before you use the bag, it is useful to spray the leather bag with a protective and nourishing leather spray. Repeat this 2 to 3 times a year, so that the leather remains smooth and beautiful.

2. If there is a stain on your bag, you can remove it with a cleaning foam, especially for leather. The Clean and Care of Collonil is ideal for this! After cleaning it is important to re-impregnate the bag against moisture and dirt.

3. Make sure you do not place the bag near a heater because of dehydration.

4. Do not put your leather bag in the bright sun because of dehydration and color change.

5. This is probably nothing new. Avoid the rain with a leather bag as much as possible. Is it wet-rained? Make sure not to dry it on a heater, but let it dry in a natural way.

6. Do you have a suede bag? Suede is made from the inside of leather and becomes more valid through use. It is important to impregnate suede well before use.

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