What Is Leather Duffel Bag?


A duffel bag, or kit bag, was originally made with top closure using a drawstring. The bag is cylindrical in shape. At the time of its introduction, it was mainly used by people of army. Later on same were seen getting used by sailors with the name Seabag.

Gradually it got popular among men as a travelling and a hiking bag. With wide structure and capability to accommodate a lot of stuff, these bags are ideal for taking to sports ground, for gym or travelling.


What Is a Leather Duffel Bags Used For?


With the durability and elegant look of leather, a Leather Duffel Bag can be put into a lot of uses.


Men’s travel duffle bag is a must-have for males. They can carry a number of items required during travelling. All the constituents of the bag are easily accessible and also the bag becomes stays easy to be carried. Leather duffel bags convenient for road trips and can make great weekend bags or overnight bags for travels.


Leather Duffel Bags are great for Sports purposes. The durability, strength, tough look and endurance of a leather duffel bag make them fit the scenario. You can stuff all your equipments and gears in the bag and still the bag stays light enough to be conveniently carried on shoulders.


Duffel bags can contain extra pair of clothes; training shoes, shower items and everything in between you need to hit the gymnasium. They fit in lockers very conveniently and are also easy to be cleaned in case they have witnessed sweaty hands. Also you can carry this gym friendly bag easily on a bicycle if you want to take it till the gym for doing cardio on the way.


Leather Duffel bags have strong handles and straps. Equipped with padding or extra lining, these have high safety and endurance. These hiking bags get camouflaged with the woody environment, complete the look hence enhancing pictures and are very appropriate at hiking and safaris with extra zips and pockets. All your tools can now be fitted in one easy-to-carry bag.


With pockets to carry laptops and documents, some Leather Duffel Bags are designed for office purposes too. The leather look obviously gives an advantage in providing formal and sophisticated look.


Types of Leather Duffel Bags


The term Duffel Bag originated in Belgium. Today, these multipurpose bags come in 3 major types; namely, Rounded or Barrel, Squared and Wheeled Leather Duffel Bags. Each of them caters to different needs and the consumer can purchase the same as per his or her requirement and convenience. You can find different varieties and patterns of these bags here and choose the best leather duffle bag for yourself.


Things to Consider When Shopping for Men’s Leather Duffle Bags


Weight of the bag:  Large bags will be heavier as compared to the smaller ones. Also, the padding and buckles add to the weight.


Size of the bag: Keep in mind what your purpose of buying this bag is. At CueroBags you can certainly find the size you require as we have a wide range of bags. Even you want to pack things for just few hours or for few days; you can certainly find your ideal bag here. Few duffel bags may look small, but remember that looks are deceptive. Read the description and you will understand, how much capacity the bag offers.


Durability of the bag: Investing in a leather bag is always worth. And with the extremely affordable price, CueroBags will give you the best product which is made in USA. The leather duffel bag will last for years with only getting better and better in its look. Also the quality of zips, closures, handles, straps and the lining is premium. Obviously a leather bag doesn’t last for a decade but surely no one has heard it getting spoilt in a year or two either.


Pockets of the bag: More the compartments or the pockets, the more organised the bag is. Larger duffel bags mainly need more divisions as a lot of stuff can just get messed up with one another. More pockets can give you an advantage of assigning each pocket to one kind of belongings, especially for women who need to carry different shoes, attire and makeup.


Style of the bag: Leather has never gone out of still since the time it was discovered.  Leather Duffel bag will add class, polish, poise and elegance to any and every outfit. Plus, it goes with any age group only to provide a very sophisticated look. With different shades, sizes and buckles, CueroBags adds more grace and fashion to the bag.


Functionality: The reason everyone needs a bag lies n the purpose it solves. You gave to check for what purpose you require the duffel bag and where mainly are you going to carry it. Accordingly decide for the size and pattern.  The buckles, straps, zippers on CueroBag operate smoothly and all handles and straps are easily adjustable.


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Where to Buy Leather Duffle Bag?


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How to store leather duffle bag?

Leather Duffel Bags easily absorb sweat, humidity and oils. Hence they should always be handled with clean hand. But in times of travel or safari, if your bag has caught little dirt, don’t worry! Use a damp cotton cloth to clean the surface, but don’t leave the bag wet.

To maintain the shape of your bag and to ensure its design and structure, fill it with newspapers or cotton cloths. Store the same in a dust bag or natural-fabric pillow cover. The buckles, chains, zips, metal slings or closures can be wrapped in tissue or toilet paper. Make sure the same are white so that no colour is transferred. Always remember to only cover and store the bags which have been completely dried, no moisture should ever be left on leather products. If a bag is getting stored for long period of time, ease or open the buckles and straps so that no impressions are made over time.

How to Clean Leather Duffle Bag


Check with the manufacturer or the internet for help. Also, remember to never use a very damp or wet cloth for cleaning. Little moisture is enough for leather.


Remove stains as soon as you see or notice them, else they will get hard to be removed. Organic stains got from food and dust can be easily removed. Leaving chalk powder for few days or hours can also absorb moist marks or stains.


If you want to buy a cleanser from market, check that it’s so especially made for leather. Giving the leather bag to a professional bag laundry is always the best option though.


Also, remember to clean the bag from time to time with leather bag moisturisers or little bit of olive oil. You can also use bag conditioners specially fit for leather.