10 Ways to Take Care of Your Luxurious Bags

Luxurious bags are hard to own, and when you do own one, it demands a high degree of maintenance and care. Designer luxury bags are made with painstakingly-detailed labor and they must be adequately pampered so that they last long. Especially when the weather is tricky, you must take extra care of your luxury handbags and purses.

With the latest Gaby’s bag coupon, you can indulge in designer handbags for much lower prices. Whether it is Chanel, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, or Coach designer bags, you are likely to get these for discounted prices when you shop here. Below are given a list of guidelines that you can follow to make sure your luxury bags stay intact. This is because contrary to the amount of money you spend on buying one, these bags rarely last long.

Top 10 Tips to Take Care of Your Luxury Bags:

  • Keep Cosmetics Away: To begin with, there must not be anything inside these bags apart from your essentials. Your designer bag has not been stitched to handle bulky items. You must also be careful of any cosmetics that you carry in your designer bag. Perfumes, lipsticks and lotions may spill and leak and cause discoloration. In case this happens, you need to wipe it away with a damp cloth.

  • Store It Right: When you have a designer bag, you have to store it in the dust bag that is provided with it. This is going to keep it safe from debris, dust, and dirt. Alternately, you can use a pillowcase made of cotton.

  • Use Occasionally: You should never use the same luxury bag every day; like shoes, these need to breathe too and it is important to keep rotating them.

  • Pamper The Bags: You can always pamper your purses at least once a month by rubbing down the fabric dust using a lint roller and cotton cloth before you store them. In case there are hard-to-remove stains, it is best to leave it to a professional.

  • Keep Shape Intact: To make sure the designer bag does not lose its original shape, you should ideally store it with bubble wrap or acid-free tissues stuffed inside. They must be stored upright on a shelf and not piled one on top of the other. Colored tissue paper and newspapers should not be used for stuffing as these may leak colors.

  • Save From Moisture: Most designer purses will have silica gel in a small sachet inside it for absorbing the excess moisture. This sachet should not be disposed off because when it is cold, the dampness often causes mold to grow inside. If this happens at any time, you need to wipe off the mold with a dry and soft cloth. The bag must then be kept in fresh air for a day preferably in a room with a dehumidifier.

  • Avoid Color Transfer: When you have bags of colored leather you should be extra cautious. This is because the dye can often bleed when it comes into contact with damp clothes.

  • Avoid Keeping Bags On Floor: If you are eating out you must not keep the handbag on the floor, unless it has metal feet. It is best to invest in portable bag hangers that can be latched onto the table. When traveling, you may carry the dust bag along to keep the designer purse inside it when it is passing through security check.

  • Clean Interiors: It is necessary to keep the purse’s inner lining clean and free from dirt. You can always pull the tag inside out gently to do this and use a lint roller to take care of the dust inside. When you find that it smells bad, you may place a lavender or cedar sachet inside to refresh it. You should also ensure that the zippers work smoothly, and for this, you may apply a small amount of beeswax at the sides to maintain the grip.

    1. Use Clean Hands: The best way to take care of your designer bag is to maintain good hygienic habits yourself; for instance, you should never handle it with dirty hands. At the same time, over cleaning may be more damaging in the long run as it will cause many chemicals to accumulate inside, destroying the delicate fabric or leather bags. You can spot-clean using water as and when required.

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