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  • Made from the finest Hunter buffalo leather and lined with a high-quality canvas this bag is handcrafted by artisans working with leather for decades
  • Rustic Vintage look, concealed snap closures for easy access, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Size: 15.5 “x 11″ x 5” , Big pocket to accommodate Ipad’s files etc. Cards / phones and pen section inside , 1 external metal zipper for convenience2 big front pockets to carry cellphones/ wallets / small books etc / Designed by CUERO ARTE Can be used as a laptop bag , leather messenger bag , leather briefcase , courier bag, leather messenger bag, messenger bag, leather messenger bag for women.


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Description : Distressed Hunter buffalo leather bag Durable and high end canvas lining made from high end buffalo leather Unisex vintage-inspired design perfect for professionals,students ideal for 15-inch or smaller laptop, MacBook etc Roomy enough to store books , files , chargers and other accessoriesConcealed snap closures for easy access padded interior compartment for laptop’s 2 big pockets for cellphones/wallets etc1 big internal section for iPad’s files adjustable shoulder Strap Dimensions: 15.5 “x 11″ x 4” Genuine leather bag handcrafted by trained craftsmen……Designed by Cuero, this bag is all you need to carry your daily routine stuff. At Cuero, we stand by our products and hope that you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them. After your huge support to our brand Cuero, we are glad to introduce cueroarte, our new luxury yet affordable brand in high end buffalo leather.


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  1. Emma

    Very good quality and buckles are also good.

  2. Ethan Noah

    It’s compact and easy to carry ,light weight and classy look !! Will recommend this to users who wish to buy ! so happy with this and satisfied.

  3. Jackobson lak

    This leather messenger bag is good and stylish

  4. Alexander Daniel

    Looks nice and quality is good…this is leather laptop messenger bag

  5. Abigail

    Nice product.

  6. Tanya

    I purchased the 15-inch Retro Buffalo Hunter Messenger Bag. It arrived on time. I bought it for my husband, and he absolutely loves it. It has a rugged feel and look that outshines the average leather bag. The color is slightly lighter than the image portrays, but still a rich brown color.

    The bag feels as thick heavy leather should. The frame of the bag is more rigid while the flap is soft and flexible. The strap is still stiff, but I imagine it will become more flexible over time. It gives the impression of an “Old West” saddlebag, sturdy, weather-beaten and well-traveled.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this bag to anyone, the interior is spacious and lined with a gender neutral pattern. Had I known how awesome this bag was I might have bought one for myself too! I still might!

  7. Christopher Durst

    I love my new bag! Looks great and my computer fits perfectly. It’s a little stiff at first, but that’s expected; I’ve been working the leather, so it’s starting to get a lot softer. Great overall construction. Solid bag!

  8. Andy Boone

    I’m posting this review after 3 months of daily usage. This bag has held up great to normal daily usage and travel. I was a little concerned with the uniform color when I first received the bag but it has distressed nicely over the past 3 months. The storage for both large items (for me an 18″ laptop and a 13″ iPad Pro) and small items (chargers, pens, notebooks) is adequate for business purposes. My only complaint with the bag is the shoulder strap is a little flimsy and I worry it may deteriorate over time.

  9. Andrew Volkman

    I love the style of this leather laptop bag. I purchased the bag to have a more professional look when carrying my laptop. This bag does fit my laptop which is an asus 15 inch laptop. Its a snug fit but does fit. The leather strap that holds the laptop is too short for this machine but not a negative point in my book since its snugness in the bag. I have plenty of room for other items and the front pockets are great for the power cord and mouse. Following some other reviews I treated it with mink oil. Would highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a stylish bag.

  10. Lynne

    I was at a business meeting yesterday and decided to bring this bag, instead of my traditional black leather briefcase. I love it! As a female working in an industry were I am surrounded by males, this bag is an attention getter. The rest of the participants did not sport anything of such quality. For the price and the quality is truly amazing. It is very easy to open and close with the magnetic clasps on the closures. Here me when I say this… no matter your business, school or personal needs, you’re​ going to be very satisfied with Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Carrier. Stunning inside and out.

  11. BARB

    This bag is an amazing leather laptop bag. Ordered for my 13″ laptop and photography portfolio. I was worried it would come like the image a customer reviewed as that was the only photo. Proved wrong!
    Not only is it beautifully distressed in color, but it also has a key and locks, which I was unaware of.
    Great buy.
    The photo does no justice. It’s gorgeous!

  12. Samantha

    I am so so so happy with this bag!! I love the worn look, I love that it looks like it has a lot of stories. I like matching my bags with my outfits and this goes with black, brown, everything just like I hoped. I work on the road and out of my car so I need something sturdy. I was worried this would be floppy and I didn’t want that. That is not the case at all. It is stiff and has nice dividers on the inside and beautiful fabric. Looks vintage feels and smells brand new! It’s so perfect I want to buy a back up for down the road. Get this bag!

  13. Queen Roachie

    I LOVE this bag. Mine is not as dark as the picture. It’s a rich brown. Plenty of room for all my work stuff and so much sturdier than my last few computer bags. I get compliments on this from just about everyone, and I have to be honest… every time I look at it I want to say “You call him DOCTOR Jones!” I just can’t help myself. I’ve had this for a little while now and every scuff makes it look softer and more broken in. Was a little stiff at first but didn’t take long at all to start breaking in with daily use.

  14. Joseph B. Hewitt IV

    It is everything I was looking for in a leather messenger bag. It looks worn and rugged. It has a padded laptop pocket. It has a zipper to close the pouch. And finally the closing straps have the fake buckles, but with metal clips to actually close it.

    I only have one little problem. The metal clasps have round buttons and the clasp bars they lock under are straight. The problem with this is that there is only one little point where the round edge of the buttons are locked under the clasp and when bumped or such, they come undone. Normally clasp buttons are half-circle/oval-ish in shaped, so that there is a flat edge that locks under the clasp, and they are much more stable.

  15. DeekVon

    Just got this bag and am VERY impressed with the craftsmanship and it being true to the photo. A very authentic, distressed leather outer with a lined inside. It’s not all that thick but it actually kinda works with it making it lightweight. We’ll see how it holds up. (I’ll update if it falls apart on me 🙂

  16. Ggeorgie

    I received mi 18 inch bag yesterday and the quality is amazing! It is well crafted; this is the bag to buy! As I stated, I purchased the 18 inch but I think I would have been fine with the 15 inch, none the less, it’s a wonderful bag and I love it! Thank you for such great craftsmanship. You can tell it’s made with a lot of care and pride!

  17. Charles McClung

    I was immediately impressed when I opened this leather laptop bag. This bag is very well made with good quality leather. Very well put together. The buckled and strap holders are very heavy duty unlike a lot of other leather bags. I can’t speak much for the durability only owning it for a few days but it feels and looks very durable. I would highly recommend buying this bag over many many others having shopped around for quite a while.

  18. outer

    My Indiana Jones bag as my workmates call it is beautiful. I really like the product but minus one star since the key is flimsy and bent on the first try. Thankfully the buckles work great and i am able to open and close my bag.

  19. oneindymac

    I purchased the bag, and I like it a lot. The only issue is that my oversized laptop fits, but very snug inside the bag. The dimensions on the description were accurate. I carry it to work with me everyday. It is very stylish and professional looking. Good quality.

  20. M. Statkus

    Its a nice leather bag with a slight distressed look and that awesome genuine leather smell! The inside compartment has a good liner and is convenient to store a laptop in. It is a little small though and would have appreciated a little more depth to carry more things or perhaps more/deeper pockets.

  21. Mason Jones

    Guys it’s elegant and pure leather….go for it….don’t go with a review stating it’s not leather…this company provides genuine pure leather…so let’s appreciate them.

  22. Robin Lowery

    Double check the size when you pick it out so it’s right for you. I lucked out for my work laptop but not for my personal leather laptop bag. I waterproofed it myself but it it does a good job keeping contents dry.

  23. steve burdette

    Replaced an older messenger bag. Product is exactly as the pictures appear and looks great. Have only been using about 2 weeks but no issues. Appears to be very well made and durable. Since my old bag had working buckles I did have to get used to the closure type on this one behind the buckles. Once I got used to it I like it better and is more convenient. Can’t beat the price of this product for what you get.

  24. Michael L Brazeal

    Love this bag. I use it as a dual laptop bag for travel. I also use it as a camera bag. Used as a camera bag, it does require me to remove my lens from the body. Not perfect for a camera bag but it also wasn’t designed as one.

    I have no complaints on the build quality or design. The latches could be a bit better but that’s a minor issue for me.

  25. Christina H

    I absolutely love this bag. It arrived on time and looks exactly like what is pictured. It’s just spacious enough for what I need keeps it’s firm shape (no slouching) and I imagine once the bag has had time to be broken in – it will be even that much better.

  26. Christopher


    Fantastic product quality

  27. Tyler

    The product is good and stylish

  28. Ava

    Leather Beg

    its comfortable to carry and its color combo is awesome.

  29. Isabella


    perfect leather travel bag, Material quality is very good and best for rough use to travel

  30. Mia


    Amazing Product and Looks also very impressive

  31. Harper

    Leather Beg

    Durable with good materials

  32. Luna

    the soft materials used makes it look bulky while carryingil

  33. Grace

    massanger beg

    the soft materials used makes it look bulky while carrying

  34. Penelope

    laptop beg

    l Durable with good materials

  35. Luna

    perfect leather travel bag, Material quality is very good and best for rough use to travel

  36. Aurora


    In its price very good product.

  37. Stella

    Perfect for office. The tan color of the bag is just perfect. Recommended to the people who loves tan accessories for their office.

  38. Emilia


    Overall looks are good

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