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  • Important! 100% genuine leather.
  • Size: 13″ Inch ( Length ) x 10″ Inch ( Height ) x 4 Inch Width.
  • Front Two Small Pocket for Keep Mobile and small stuff.The front one big pocket or keep Magazine, newspaper etc.
  • Inside Two Zipper and Two Padded Compartment for keeping your 10″ inch Tablet/ Macbook and document etc. 53″ inch Shoulder strap with shoulder pad.
  • This is perfect to use as a: messenger bag for men leather, messenger bag for women leather, messenger bag leather, leather golf bag, laptop bag leather, leather bags, leather camera bag, leather crossbody bag, leather computer bag, business leather bag, messenger bags leather, a leather laptop bag for men


Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

Cuero Leather bags Use 10″ Inch Tablet and 10″ Inch Mac Book and use for Mens, WOMEN, TEENS. THANKS A LOT FOR VISIT Cuero LEATHER SHOP
Our 13-inch Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag For Laptop Briefcase Best Computer Satchel School Distressed Bag
Material-goat leather size-13″(L),4″(W),10″(H) total 3 compartments inside and 2 zippers inside the bag with green colour canvas lining. Original brass metal accessories used in this bag.made by an experienced manufacturer with their all hard work. the natural leather smell will fade by within a few days the usage of the bag. Note:- we do not give authority to any other seller to sell the product we made our product with genuine leather. These are handmade we are not responsible for the item sold by another seller. So please buy the leather bag from Cuerobags.com to original bag pack of leather.

Product information

  • Outer Material: Leather; Inner Material: Canvas
  • Colour: Brown
  • Closure Type: Buckle; Strap Type: Adjustable
  • Number of Compartments: 3
  • Dimension Size: 13″ L x 10″ H x 4″ D

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 4 × 10 in


  1. Neeraj Panchal

    This Leather Messenger Bag was perfect birthday present for my Cousin

  2. Pankaj joshi

    Awesome bags genuine leather. I am loving it

    • admin

      Thankyou for your genuine feedback. You may also like our leather backpacks

  3. Bhavesh Joshi

    This is unbelievable awesome genuine leather beg for office i love it .

  4. Payal Regar

    I was Bought leather messenger bags for my brother& he likes it.

  5. Michael

    This bag gives a perfect formal look any professional would ever wonder.

  6. BR Christopher

    Really Awesome Product

  7. Carter Michael

    Sturdy leather messenger bags … high quality in this price range

  8. Ryan Barnhart

    Mine arrived with no QA issues, very luxurious to the eyes and touch. If I had seen someone walk by with this bag I would have assumed they spent $300+ for it. The smell is neutral, so those issues seem to have been resolved.
    But even if they hadn’t a quick hit with some scented leather conditioner would have fixed it. The buckles and zippers seem durable, no concerns there. The strap? I’ll report back if I have problems, but for the weight and size of the bag it seems a little thin. Also, I had to punch two additional holes to get the length right. I’m 5’10”, and at the shortest factory length the bag hit at or BELOW my butt-cheek. For a bag like this you want it to be hitting the top, right at the belt line. Lots of space inside, I included a picture of mine loaded as I hadn’t seen one as I was shopping. The laptop spot is empty obviously, but for size comparison you can see my portable DVD drive in one of the center slots, a colorful woven bag full of network and console cables, a USB headset, screw driver, a pack of flavored tuna, and that little black pouch is my portable Atari. It is a work bag after all… Interior material is green canvas by the way its a great leather messenger bag.

    Anyway, I would say based on initial quality that this is an incredible value. The strap is iffy, but those can be replaced for about 12 bucks. And frankly I have always burned through at least one additional strap on every laptop bag I’ve ever had. Consider it a consumable part, like tires or brakes on a car. But unlike every other laptop bag I’ve ever owned I can see me using this one for years and years. The quality/thickness of the leather is such that basic conditioning and repair should allow it to last a lifetime.

  9. Chloe

    Best buy. I recommend a vintage leather messenger bag to everyone. Purchase it without wasting your time.

  10. Bruce Bracken

    Good quality – exceptional price
    This is an exceptional buy for the price. It is distressed leather and I believe there will likely be some stitching unraveling on down the line, but it will be well worth the cost of paying a leather worker to perform whatever repairs are needed as time passes.
    I love the look of it and with all the pockets and spaces there is room for just about anything you want to keep in it.
    I recommend getting a good quality leather conditioner and hit it 2 or 3 times the first week you own it. Then as needed going forward, eventually using something like mink oil once it is broken in. With the mink oil application it should be, effectively, weatherproof.
    I highly recommend this and it would make a cool gift as well.
    You cannot beat this at $110

  11. Mary E Meadows

    Looks much more expensive than it is

    Bought one for my son a month or so back. He’s very happy with his, so I got one for myself. My first thought is that, even though this bag isn’t exactly inexpensive, it looks a lot pricier than it really is.
    Other reviewers have commented on the smell, and yes, there absolutely is an odor. I don’t find it especially unpleasant, and it seems to be dissipating a little in the several hours since I opened it.
    I’ve also seen more than one review mention poor-quality stitching. I looked closely for examples of bad stitching, and have so far found none.

    I hope I never have enough stuff to fill all the pockets or storage areas in this thing. I doubt if be able to carry it. Ample room for a laptop, a couple of books, and a stack of papers to carry around until I get around to grading them.
    I have a slight concern about the handle on top, as it appears that it might be a bit lighter duty than the size and roominess of the bag would tend to make me think it needs. Similarly, some of the brass hardware may also prove too light—or maybe not! If they’re not robust enough, they should be easy and inexpensive enough to justify replacing them. And that’s IF they don’t work. I’m betting they’ll be just fine.

    I’m pretty tall and large-framed. The length of the shoulder strap is completely adequate to comfortably carry leather cross-body messenger bag.
    All-in-all, I kind of expect this bag to someday be a bit of a family heirloom, but my son already has one, so…?

  12. Aiden Elijah

    doubles up as leather messenger bag for office. Looks good and value for money

  13. Jason Henry Evans

    I ordered this bag about two weeks ago and I love it! It is made of stiff leather that I know will soften and become more subtle as I use it. The bag is very durable. The inside is thick, light green canvas. It has multiple pouches and pockets inside. There are also four zipper pockets, too. In addition, the inside pouches are padded and are perfect for my 17″ laptop. The shoulder strap is adjustable and made of thick leather, too.
    I read several reviews of this product before I bought it. Many of the 1 star reviews mentioned a horrible smell. Let me be very clear: THIS IS A HANDMADE LEATHER PRODUCT. (Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if my bag was a goat three months before it got to me.) The smell is the chemicals used in curing the leather. It was strong the first day, but dissipated very quickly and by day 3 completely gone.

  14. Amcgee

    Beautiful Handmade Bag
    The bag is absolutely fantastic and beautifully crafted. I personally use it to carry both my work laptop, personal laptop work cell, tablet, and some paper pads. Very stylish and have had many comments about it. The bag also has a lot of character since it was handmade you can see small imperfections from little indents to a miss stitch but to me this just adds even more to the character to the bag. I am extremely happy with my purchase and will keep the company in mind for future needs.

    7/1/2019 update – It has been close to a year after I purchased my bag and it still is as good as the day I got it. I still get compliments about it and several people in the office has purchased one after seeing mine, really happy to support this company.

  15. Poent

    Nice bag but poor quality control.
    The original bag I received from the seller had several quality control issues that I was unhappy with. I reached out to the seller with these complaints and offered to replace the bag with no hesitation.

    The new bag is in outstanding condition. Truly very high quality.

    I have received numerous compliments on it and look forward to carrying it every day. I highly recommend this bag and this seller.

  16. Ron Doyle

    This arrived yesterday and I was quite surprised.

    It was larger than I expected (yes, I read the dimensions in the ad but still larger than I had in mind). It also appears to be pretty well made. There are no magnetic catches but buckles at each closure. I read that in another review, which doesn’t matter to me but thought I should bring it up again as a reminder to those that care.

    I believe it will last for a good while and if it does not I will post it here whether 6 months or 6 years (if I’m still kicking).

    The only 2 cons I can find so far is that the leather smells “funny.” The other is that it has been soaped, oiled or something else has been put on the bag that gives it an oily feeling. Hopefully, both of these will dissipate over time.

  17. Juan Carlos


    Good quality product as displayed. Delivery is also fantastic before I expected.

  18. Juan Carlos


    This bag is as good as in pictures.

  19. Carter


    Excellent product. Gives a very professional, official, smart, aristocrat and formal appearance.

  20. Kez W

    Nice, sturdy leather bag.
    I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband. He loved the look of it and the leather. It’s a large bag and very sturdy. He can hold 3 textbooks and his computer inside. It’s a professional looking substitute for his old, torn up book bag. It offers lots of pockets for organizing as well. Overall, very well made.

  21. William Wood

    This bag is just as I expected. It has ample room for my largest 17″ laptop while still having room for additional items in the separate dividers and pouches. I prefer the look of this bag to the myriad other laptop bags out on the market. I purchased some leather conditioner with the bag to help protect it and to soften the leather a bit. Overall, I love the appearance of the bag and look forward to using it.

  22. Melissa W.

    Quality bag for a great price
    Bought this as a gift for my son starting his student teaching at university. The bag was a lot nicer than I was expecting for the price paid. Son says the bag is very functional for his needs.

  23. BillyFrostinBob

    The bag looks good from afar, but the strong leather smell that doesn’t go away after 2 months is a clear indicator that it’s made from the lowest quality leather… “Genuine Leather” is typically the lowest, and it much worse than that. It held up in the two months, but was persistently oily and smelly enough (and I like a good leather smell) for me to throw it out (passed the refund period). Skip this one and pay more for quality.

  24. Stephen Spears

    Beautiful bag! Plenty of room for my 19” gaming laptop and then some. Definitely has a weird odor as others have mentioned, but I’m sure that will dissipate over time. There is no padding what so ever on the bottom so you may want to add your own as I did. The final test, which will take some time, will be to see how it holds up to normal everyday wear and tear.

    It’s been almost 3 weeks since I got the bag. Don’t get me wrong, this bag is beautiful but it really smells like goat now. I thought the smell would dissipate over time but not yet. Also, the protective metal coating is still holding strong. Tried wiping it off to no avail.

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