What is a Leather Briefcase?

A Leather Briefcase is a box-shaped bag. It has solid narrow sides. Mainly it is used for formal purposes of carrying documents and files. Traditionally, lawyers started using this to take briefs to courts and hence this name.
Later, it started getting to be used by a business as well as working personnel who need to have a formal and classy look.



What is a Leather Briefcase used for?

CueroBags makes 100% genuine handcrafted leather briefcases.
Our Leather briefcases employ high-quality brass for handles, buckles closures and other functional pieces. Brass of antique finish pairs excellently with leather to give ultimate durability and class. Even after being so solid and durable, our briefcase will not feel heavy at all.



The sticking of our briefcase is done using heavy gauge bonded nylon thread. Strength of this thread in holding the bag together is incomparable. Nylon being more long-lasting than linen, cotton or polyester thread adds on to the security and safety of the briefcase. Our bags have never failed to stand the test of time.


Our men’s as well as ladies leather briefcases of UK are handcrafted in our factories, ensuring use of high stitching as well as manufacturing techniques under strict supervision. This briefcase will sure last you a decade.


Our Leather Briefcases are mainly used for our design details. The edges of the briefcases are superlatively finished providing smoothness so as to avoid accidents or breakages. Also these edges speak about the extraordinary quality, giving a legitimate look.

The briefcases also have lots of pockets and compartments providing organisational facilities. Now all the stationary, cards, documents, laptop and other utilities of work are so easy to be carried.


Types of Leather Briefcases


Padfolio: These are the most portable of all briefcases. These can only accommodate minimum items like documents in them. Padfolios are supposed to be carried in hand or under the arm. Because of this sleek structure, tablets and iPads can find place in these too.


Portfolio: They are just like Padfolios but with a difference in handles and the sizes. The handle of this briefcase is on the top, making it more easy and convenient to be carried around. With bigger dimensions comes more space, these can easily firlot more items than a simple Padfolio.


Men’s laptop briefcases: With having angular edges, they provide the maximum space of all the briefcases. Because of this utility factor, they are high in demand and are most commonly seen getting used by people. They also provide a very professional look to all the briefcase holders.


Travelling or Rolling Briefcase: People with travelling jobs and businesses prefer these kinds of briefcases more. With wheels and a long handle to be carried around the airport, or any place; Rolling briefcases are big enough to even to carry along basic products of daily use. If you are travelling for a day or two, you can also carry around your clothes along with documents and a laptop. The Rolling briefcase can also be used as a weekend getaway bag. You can carry your important papers and other items without looking like carrying a lot of luggage around.


Things to consider when shopping for Leather Briefcase


Leather quality: Genuine Leather used at Cuero Bags is very flexible and hence will not wear out with time. Leather is the only material which has not yet and never will go out of style. Also the strength, durability and quality it provides are unbeatable. With us, you don’t have to worry about the originality of leather, as our products are made in USA.


Hardware: Leather briefcases have zippers, handles, locks, shoulder straps, metallic rings and buckles. These can affect strength and look of the bag. Hence, their importance cannot be ignored. Good quality closures and fixtures are always taken care of at CueroBags.


Space flexibility: Stop and think about your utility and then decide over the size of bag you will require. Briefcases look compact and slim but the essence of pockets and compartments gives you a lot of storage and space to organise your things in it. At Cuerobags, our custom leather briefcases cater your needs by offering a wide range of sizes. Have a look here.


Colour and shades: Black colour gives the most professional look. Brown and Tan can be used for several more purposes. With us, you can easily find your desired colour. Check here to view brown leather briefcases UK and other options.


Requirement: If your work doesn’t demand to, you will not prefer roaming around with a large briefcase. As per your height, body and requirement, select the ideal briefcase size at CueroBags.


Costing and prices: A Cuero leather Bag will be a great deal for you as our products are made of high quality genuine pure leather and come at a very reasonable price in comparison. Our leather briefcases on sale are going to be a great deal for you with high durability and lesser cost.


Buy Leather Briefcases for men at Cuerobags


At cuerobags.com, you can find all kinds, styles, patterns, and sizes of Leather Briefcases. Our range is diverse. You are surely to find something here. The skilled craftsmanship and genuine quality of leather is quintessential to add class and polish to your wardrobe.





How to maintain leather bags?


From time to time, apply leather moisturiser or conditioner with cotton cloth or sponge. Apply over the entire surface, massage and then wipe off any extra solution left with dry cloth. The dryer you living conditions are, the more moisturiser the bag will need.


Are leather bags waterproof?


Leather can definitely sustain little drizzling and moist environment but not a heavy shower for sure! Leather bags don’t have adequate protection against water as the material doesn’t allow so. Leather cannot be totally water resistant due to its permeability. But good care can surely keep your leather bag in good condition for longer span of time.


How to keep leather bags from cracking?


Buy a cleanser from market, check that it’s especially made for leather. Also, remember to clean the bag from time to time with leather bag moisturisers or little bit of olive oil to prevent further drying and cracking. Giving the leather bag to a professional bag laundry is always the best option though.


How to store leather bags?


Wipe your briefcase from both inside and outside with dry or damp cloth, as per the demand of situation; from time to time. Let the bag get dried. Then store the same covered in plastic bubble wraps or cotton bags.